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Success Story

How a Florida-based used car dealership generates 4000+ inquiries per month using targeted marketing.

The AdMuse team worked with the dealership sales department to understand its ideal customers and switched traditional media marketing to highly targeted Google and YouTube campaigns. We helped in strategy planning to outshine its competitors, target the right audience and bring more foot traffic as well as 4000+ calls each month using the latest marketing tools. Ultimately, the company doubled its store visits and increased call leads around 10x in just 8 months.

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What people say?

We saw a massive increase in the organic traffic and the best part is that our revenue is almost doubled. Plus we expanded our dealership to 3 locations which is great! Definitely recommend.
Jessie Miller
AdMuse team helped us escalate our ecommerce sales and revenue m/m by improving overall customer experience using personalized digital strategy. I really love it.
Amanpreet Singh
Marketing Head
Reaching more customers on Google and Facebook created efficiencies that quickly translated into higher leads, sales and profitability. I am really happy!
Mahendra Naidu
With product specific digital advertising (Google ads & Social media ads), AdMuse helped us increase our brand awareness and sales. We saw 128% increase in e-commerce conversion.
Natalie O'Connor
Leave the work to the experts & let your brand shine. Improve visibility & brand credibility, highly recommend.
Sanjay Reddy
Marketing Manager
As a small business owner, I don't have time to do all the marketing the way it needs to be done. From lead generation to post sales communication, Admuse took care of everything. 550+ leads generated, our website ranked on Google for 31+ countries, highly recommend.
Bhavyesh Dhar

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